Introducing the board of MSC Belgium


Bart - The President

Bart has been mister leather belgium 2018 and has been in the fetish scene since 2014. As engineer, he works at a large international company where he helps engineers making silent cars.

Finding it important to unite the fetish community, he started to organize the fetish socials during his title year.

Since 2019 he became president of MSC Belgium.

Fetishes: Leather


Frank - The Treasurer

Frank has been in the fetish scene since 2010. In daily life he’s a civil servant at the department of defence. As treasurer of the club he takes care of all club administration and bookkeeping

Although sometimes reserved at first sight, Frank is known for his heart made of gold.

Fetishes: Leather, Rubber, Sportswear, Underwear, Shaving, …



Daniel is active in the fetish scene since forever. He has been active in MSC Belgium since the 80’s and has been president of the club for more than 20 years. Currently he is secretary of ECMC.

Although he may scare some when he takes out his whip, Daniel is known by many as our Daddy Schtroumph!

Fetishes: Leather & Bikers


Dirk - The thoughtful

Dirk is for quite a while active in the global Brotherhood community as he likes to call it and so open to guide around newbies and also further explore the diversity of fetishes.

He is a non-smoker but does appreciate occasionally the scent and the smoking of a big cigar!

Fetishes: Leather, Gloves, Boots, Uniforms & Cigars


Georges - The Bomma

Georges has been active in the fetish scene since 2014.

Georges was Mister Leather Belgium in 2016 and also holds the title of Vice Mister Leather Europe 2016.

Everybody knows Georges as a social and open-minded person!

Fetishes: Leather & Rubber



Who in Brussels does not know Ken? Ken is active in the fetish scene for many years. In daily life he is hairdresser.

Ken has Brussels blood running in his veins. It is very easy to like him! Ken also host the MSC Belgium info moment every first monday of the month at Cafe La Reserve!

Fetishes: Leather & Rubber


Sven - The First LADY

Sven has been active in the fetish scene since 2014. In daily life he is owner of a flower store in Antwerp.

He is known for his unstoppable positive energy and his sense of humour. He is also the partner of Bart.

Fetishes: Waders & Rubber