How to become a member of MSC Belgium?

The membership procedure is relatively simple and consists of the following steps:

Step One 1

Complete the membership application form below for submission. Upon receipt of your records, you will be requested to send a passport-style picture through e-mail.

Step Two

Attend some MSC Belgium events, so that :

  • we can get to know you and you can get to know us;

  • you can feel a part of our group

  • you can find sponsors for your membership (either three ordinary members or two committee members): these people will sponsor your application to join the club.

This step also allows the members of the club to verify that you are indeed a gay man interested in leather, uniform, rubber or workwear fetish clothing.

Step Three

Once we have got to know you and your sponsors have made representations to the committee in support of your application for membership, the club’s Committee will vote on whether to accept your application or not. If it is accepted, you will be asked to pay the annual subscription (25€). You will be asked to fill in and sign a form to give approval to keep your personal data in our database during your membership period.

Step Four

As soon as the club receives your subscription, you will be sent your MSC Belgium/ECMC membership card and your MSC Belgium and ECMC cloth badges and you can take advantage of all the benefits offered to club members.

Application form to apply membership of MSC Belgium

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