This page is your gateway to apply candidacy as Mister Leather Belgium 2020.

Why be candidate can be read here.

How does it work?

  • Until December 27th 2019, it is possible to apply candidacy to compete for the title by registering below.

  • After application, you will be contacted by MSC Belgium by e-mail or phone. It will be expected to share some pictures of yourself too and to pay the application fee of 30 euros.

  • After these first two steps, you will be a candidate contestant.

  • After December 27th, there are two possibilities. In case the number of candidates is below 5, all candidates automatically become contestants. In case more than 5 candidates have applied, a public draw will decide the final 5 contestants.

  • The final contestants will be announced by latest January 11.

  • Only as of that moment, it will be allowed for contestants to communicate publically and on social media about their candidacy

  • The application fee of 30 euros will be paid back after the competition to both contestants and candidates.

All contestants will be expected to be available during the weekend of darklands from Thursday 5th of March at the start of the fetish social till the end of the election on Saturday 7th of March.

In January and February, contestants will also be expected to be available for a few meetings with the organizing committee of the election.

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Recognition of confidentiality *
I confirm hereby that I will keep my candidacy private until after public announcement of final candidates by MSC Belgium! This includes communication & campaigning on public events and social media.
Confirmation of collection of data *
I hereby confirm that MSC Belgium is allowed to store above data in context of the Mister Leather Belgium 2020 election. Data will not be shared with anybody outside of the board of MSC Belgium and will not be used for any other purpose but the Mister Leather Belgium competition.